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To properly ventilate your bathroom, remove stale air, unpleasant odors, and reduce harmful moisture buildup there are three criteria you need to consider when choose a bathroom ventilation fan:

Size, Design and Features

No matter what your budget or tastes, the two most important criteria are sizing the fan properly to your bathroom and how quiet the fan is.

Because Size Matters

The Home Ventilation Institute (HVI) recommends the air in your bathroom should be changed or moved eight times per hour. The amount of air changed or moved per cubic feet per minute (CFM) is based on your bathroom’s square footage. To determine the size of the ventilation fan, use the following guidelines for bathroom ventilation.

50ft or Less
50 CFM

For bathrooms smaller than 50 square feet, a 50 CFM fan is recommended.

51ft to 100ft
1 CFM/ft²

For bathrooms 51 to 100 square feet in area, an exhaust fan should provide 1 cfm per square foot. For example: an 8-foot-by-10-foot bathroom has an area of 80 feet, so it should have a 80-CFM fan.

More Than 100ft
Add Up Fixtures

For bathrooms greater than 100 square feet, ventilation is based on the number and type of fixtures present; the following fixtures require the minimum CFM stated: toilet-50 CFM; shower-50 CFM; tub-50 CFM; jetted tub-100 CFM.


Installing the right size fan is essential to maximizing the fan’s performance. Improperly sizing your fan – installing a fan that is too small for the bathroom – will put “stress” on the fan and shorten its life and performance. Bathrooms over 9 feet in height may need to be sized up to the next CFM level.

Clear the Air

Bathroom fans are necessary to eliminate moisture, remove odors and dangerous fumes from cleaning agents. Aero Pure fans use less energy, so you save on energy costs.


Homes today are designed to be more airtight and energy efficient than they were in the past. The downside is these improvements make it difficult for your home to breathe since it limits the amount of fresh air entering your home. A good ventilation system expels moisture, pollutants, bacteria and unwanted smells. Our fans are like a snorkel to help your home breath.


The EPA estimates that the level of indoor pollutants and containments inside your home may be two to five times greater than those found in outdoor air. Without proper ventilation, indoor pollutants given off from cleaning chemicals, finishes, furnishings, and daily living activities build up. These chemicals can be damaging to your home and your health. The combination of indoor air pollution and bad ventilation can lead to health problems like allergies, asthma, headaches and sinusitis. These can be avoided with an exhaust fan.


Lack of ventilation won’t just hurt your health, it may also cause damage to your home. Excessive moisture peels paint and wallpaper, rots windowsills, warps doors, and promotes the growth of mold and mildew. Efficient Aero Pure quiet bathroom ventilation fans clear the air, removing unpleasant odors, chemicals, and moisture before they become a problem.


Our designs are stylish and unassuming. See below to see which energy efficient fan best suits your home’s needs.

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