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Exhaust Fan w/Heat & Light 4-Bulb A716 Series



No matter what climate you live in, no one likes to step out of a warm shower or tub into a chilly bathroom!  Aero Pure’s combination ventilation fan with heat and light delivers immediate warmth when you step out of the shower while quietly clearing the bathroom of excess moisture. Extra wide heat lamps keep your bathroom warmer with fewer cold spots. The fan, light, and heater may be wired separately. Dual heat settings- two or four bulbs.


Not all ceiling fans are created equal. Be sure to check the Product Specifications below before ordering.


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  • Very low noise levels
  • Rust-proofed steel fan housing unit
  • Built in backdraft damper prevents outdoor air from entering through fan
  • 4″ diameter duct connection
  • Motor equipped with thermal shut off
  • Durable long life 270 watt anti-blast hardened glass bulb manufactured for resistance to condensation and water
  • Easy installation mounting brackets INCLUDED
  • Four function switch INCLUDED
  • Long life 270W infrared heat lamp and 60W center light bulb INCLUDED
  • Do not install directly over tub/shower
  • Must be installed by a licensed professional
  • Requires a dedicated 15-amp circuit
  • The power source must come to the heater first and then back to the switch. This allows the thermal sensor to register the ambient temperature inside the can. If the temperature is too high, the fan will come on automatically
  • Grille dimensions:  17 3/4″ x 14 9/16″
  • Housing dimensions:  11  11/16″ x 11  11/16″ x 7  1/4″


Color Options

Matte Silver with Chrome Trim, White