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Why Aero Pure

Energy Efficient & Budget Smart

Aero Pure is committed to producing quiet, energy efficient, and affordable bathroom ventilation fans. Our wide selection of ENERGY STAR® qualified ventilation fans are HVI Certified, meet ASHRAE 62.2 code specifications for local exhaust and are compliant with California Title 24 Residential Lighting Standards and Washington State Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code for Source Specific Ventilation.

Save Money, Save Energy

Proper ventilation can actually save you money! Aero Pure’s ENERGY STAR qualified quiet bathroom fans save you money because they use less energy, cost less to operate than conventional fans, and help conserve natural resources- all without sacrificing quality, style, performance, and your comfort.  On average, ENERGY STAR qualified bathroom ventilation fans use 65% less energy than conventional fan models.

ENERGY STAR labeled products help consumers save energy and money, as well as help protect the environment by reducing air pollution and global warming associated with energy production.  Products that earn the ENERGY STAR logo must adhere to  strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Always look for the ENERGY STAR label, which identifies energy efficient products that help you save money on your energy bills.

Performance and Innovative Design

With features like a built in back-draft damper to prevent outside air from entering through the fan, efficient  fan motors, and fluorescent bulbs that do not create excessive heat an Aero Pure bathroom fan is not only efficient, but easy to install. The fan motor unit easily detaches for wiring and installation. Adjustable mounting brackets are included with every fan. When attached to the ceiling joists, the mounting brackets stabilize the fan and reduce vibration and noise. 

Whether you are looking for a fan only, a fan with a light/nightlight, or a heat/fan/light combination, Aero Pure has the styles and finishes to compliment any bathroom d├ęcor. With 25 ENERGY STAR qualified quiet bathroom ventilation fans, including 6 models with light combinations, Aero Pure has the solution for your bathroom exhaust needs.

Super Quiet and Quiet Models with Light

These ENERGY STAR qualified quiet bathroom ventilation fans operate at exceptionally low noise levels and feature energy efficient fluorescent lights, a choice of easy maintenance low profile grilles, and a 4 watt night light.
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Super Quiet and Quiet Models

These ENERGY STAR qualified quiet bathroom ventilation fans operate at exceptionally low noise levels and feature a choice of easy maintenance low profile grilles.
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Heat/Fan/Light Models

Heat at the speed of light. No matter what climate you live in, no one likes stepping out of a warm shower into a cold bathroom.  Aero Pure's bathroom heat/fan/light combos provide instant warmth and very quietly clear your bathroom of excess moisture.
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