AP 100 MAT
Model: AP 100 MAT
Sone: N/A
Grille: White
Warranty: Four (4) years

AP 100 MAT


Did you know the shower is the single greatest source of contaminating moisture? Many homeowners under-ventilate their bathrooms which can lead to mold and mildew build up. The Aero Pure Motion Activated Timer automatically switches on your bathroom fan when you enter the bathroom and switches off after a preset time.  Easily installed in most existing bathrooms and new construction. AP 100 MAT is ideal for children and teen's bathrooms and anyone else too busy to remember to shut the bathroom fan off!

  • Wide range detection field
  • Optional time delay
  • White housing
  • Minimum time 10 seconds; maximum time 30 minutes
  • Touch-tone AUTO OFF switch
  • Indicator lamp for ON/OFF for detection