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Switches and Controls

Bathrooms can get quite steamy and foggy!  All that moisture contributes to mold and mildew buildup.  Control excess moisture build up with a motion activated timer or moisture control sensor. 

A motion sensor automatically switches the fan on when you enter the bathroom and will switch off after a preset time.  Depending on the length of a shower, a bathroom ventilation fan should be run for a minimum of 20 minutes up to 1 hour after the shower has been turned off. 

If you do a lot of entertaining, a motion sensor is ideal for a powder room!  Just set the timer and stop worrying about unpleasant smells and odors.

 With a dehumidistat, you set the humidity percentage; when the humidity level in your bathroom reaches that set point, the exhaust fan will automatically turn on and run until the humidity level drops below the preset point.  The Aero Pure dehumidistat control is wall mounted and capable of controlling humidity from 20% to 80%.  An Aero Pure ENERGY STAR qualified exhaust bathroom fan used with an AP100MCS humidistat control meets California Title 24 (CALGreen) Standards. 


AP 100 MAT
AP 100 MCS