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Ventilation FAQS

Q: If there is a window in a bathroom, is it necessary to install a ventilation fan?
A: Windows may be a bonus to airing your bathroom out, but they are not a solution for comfortable indoor air quality. An open window may be a source for humidity, cold or hot air, dust, noise, and may even be a security risk.

Q: Do more powerful fans cost more to operate?
A:  There are ventilation fans available with very efficient motors that allow even powerful fans to operate quietly and cost effectively. view our powerful but quiet bathroom fans
Q: Do powerful fans need to be loud?
A: Technological improvements in ventilation fan design have significantly REDUCED fan noise. Look for products with HVI-certified sound ratings of 1.0 sones or less for super quiet ventilation.

Q: Is a fan's performance and cost-efficiency affected by its installation?
A: Yes! Even the very best fans will operate poorly if installed improperly. To ensure quiet cost effieicent operation use smooth duct with as few bends, elbows, and angles as possible. 

Q: Does a fan need to be ducted outdoors?
A: Yes! Bathroom ventilation fans must be vented outdoors. If a fan is vented into the attic or ceiling joists warm moist air may compromise the structural integrity of the house and encourage mold and mildew growth. proper bathroom fan installation